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Nighthawks for the tune of the day

MillionYoung's Nostalgic Shot

"I cut my hair in the same way
I have since I was young
I have no wish to change
I love what I've become"

A summer-infused tune by MillionYoung, to top up the nostalgia reservoirs.

Circ brings memories of snowy descents

During a typical winter season, we would have counted a minimum of 15-20 days on the mountain.
For an array of reasons, the best we can do this specific winter is let this dreamy tune from the trailer of "All The Wilderness" movie, mentally take us to slopes dressed in untouched white coats...

Jessie Ware reloaded

Our favorite new artist ever since her debut in 2012, is currently back with her sophomore album, that builds upon the finessed pop that she so skillfully produces, by hybridizing elements from Sade and Lisa Stansfield.
All eleven songs are excellent, but a couple of them stand accused for making a brand new turntable stylus need replacement sooner than it normally should. Check out why:

We changed. We stayed the same.

"In terms of principles, steady as a rock.
In terms of medium, go with the flow".

As the rivers of responsive web-designs overflowed beneath it, the Hidden Cellar jumped right in.
Here's a (hell of a lot) friendlier embodiment of its initial iWeb version, along with two relevant songs to celebrate it.

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