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Dear visitor,

A number of analysts pontificate their beliefs on productivity in the news these strange days.
Detaching it from anything besides growing numbers of working hours per day and years per career.

Working on something you love became a mirage of the 20th Century.
And simple things that could make individuals truly happy, thus fuel their attempts towards an extra mile in family/job/everyday responsibilities, are nowadays considered by "wisemen" as a waste of productive time.

Never mind the bollocks, here is a cellar full of etiquettes that flood our stomach with butterflies:

The sweet caress of cold mountain winds.
The smooth landings of perfectly hexagonal snow crystals on jacket sleeves.
The afternoon sunbeam that sneaks its way within the clouds and bucket paints all water molecules beneath a surfboard in deep orange.
The seaside as witnessed from a bicycle.
The departure desk at the airport.
The sound of jazz on a Sunday morning.
The thrill of unexpected weather.
The accumulated laughter of friends and family.
The never ending childhood.

Whenever your fuel indicator is blinking low, please step inside for a refill through the menu bar on the top.
And when you find yourself having excess reserves, please do share.

Good Vibrations,
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